Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Spring Is On Its Way

February, which is still deep winter in Germany, is considered a spring month in Ireland. Saying this, it certainly doesn't mean that the weather is any nicer than in January. They say you can have four seasons in a day any time of the year in Ireland, so there is no point arguing if February is winter or spring. I went for a walk yesterday and it really did feel like a lovely spring day. And that was the last day of January! The sun was shining, the air was mild and we saw the first lambs in the field. Or at least I did, Aidan was fast asleep by that time. I decided to take the longer route which I don't do that often these days. And I'm glad I did. I passed one of my favourite ruined houses on the way. Ireland is a good place if you're into old houses and castles.

There is something sad and beautiful about ruins and they never fail to fascinate me. I always wonder what happened to the people who lived there. Did they leave or die? Why did nobody else move in? I got the impression that most people in Ireland don't share my enthusiasm about old stone walls but then I discovered The Irish Aesthete. It's an interesting blog and I've learned a few things about nearby ruins. Yet my poor old house is just one of many, too common to be of historical interest. Maybe it is better not to know its story, it would probably be disappointing. I'd like to leave it as it is: an old farmhouse covered in ivy, with broken window panes and trees growing inside. ( I snooped around with a friend once). Very soon the birds will be nesting in the attic, so it's not as deserted as it seems.

It's hard to believe that it's already February. I haven't posted as regularly as I would have liked but I had good excuses as I had to finish a customer request:

And the present for my cousin's baby:

Both are on their way to Germany now, so I have time for other projects that have been lying around for a while.

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