Thursday, 13 October 2016

Work in Progress: Chunky Crochet Scarf

This is a constant learning process for me: I'm not very good with modern technology and there's so much I have to learn. My husband just kindly showed me how to import images from my phone to the computer, so now I can write my first craft post.

This is a crochet scarf I'm making as a Christmas present for a friend. This is a really simple pattern. The inspiration comes from several chunky scarf pictures I've seen on Pinterest. Instead of following any instructions I decided to picked my own pattern (a very simple one row repeat) and just see how it goes. It will be a short scarf that closes with three large buttons.
Chunky yarn wouldn't be my usual choice of yarn weight. I do a lot of lace crocheting and I love knitting with 4 ply or even thinner yarns. Here's a picture of a glove I'm knitting with a lovely lace weight alpaca yarn. It's a big difference. I do enjoy the quick progress you make when working with chunky yarn!

 When I went to buy the yarn for this scarf I had some difficulty finding one with natural fibre. The more I knit the snobbier I get about yarn: I never buy artificial yarn if I can help it. In the end I had to settle for a wool polyester blend as there was no pure wool. It does feel nice when it's crocheted though so I'm quite happy with my choice.

I'll have to crochet a another few centimetres before choosing and sewing on the buttons. That's the fun part: choosing the buttons! I do love matching patterns and colors. I think the buttons will be colorful and big. Maybe I'll make them myself...

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